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Shared Room with Bunkbeds



Because we've lived the Camino's experience several times as Pilgrims, when we've designed this shared room with bunkbeds, we took into consideration all details that we thought would make a real difference in terms of comfort and safety, without losing sight of keeping it simple. So, then, we applied all those little but important details in our planning to offer our best to all Pilgrims.

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- Our bunkbeds are built with heavy and reinforced metal structure - that ensures two great advantages: (a) it does not move when other pilgrims climb up to and down from the upper bed, and (b) you will not see the top bed structure bending when the other Pilgrim lays down there. On top of that, our bunkbeds have, aside from the curtain granting privacy, electric plug, USB connectors and individual light - so you don't need to leave your cell phone outside your bed to recharge;

- The Internet Wi-Fi access is divided in different networks, one per section, avoiding access conflicts and granding a really individual high-speed over 100Mpbs. Even if all Pilgrims decide to perform video-calls or streaming, the conection will keep itself stable and reliable;

- The restrooms/bathrooms (for women, men and for those with special needs) are modern, with ininterrupted hot water, no matter how much they're used - also, the showers feature a dry area between the door and the box, with plenty of hooks so you can dry yourself, outside of the box, with privacy and keeping also your belongings dry.

- Each Pilgrim has an individual and big locker, with padlock and key, capable of storing the biggest backpacks. If you're not a Pilgrim and brings a big luggage, maybe you will have to leave them outside of your locker, by your bed - we've never seen any backpack that could not be stored inside our lockers though.

- No to those extra-thin mattresses or poor-quality pillows: our matresses are big and comfortable, as our pillows. We use cotton linens that are changed every day, after Pilgrims leave. For those who stay several nights, we change their beds every three days. All bed clothes are washed in industrial laundries that send them back to us packed in plastic bags which are opened only when we will use them.