Have you ever realized that, when you access again a webiste, many of your browsing preferences, or weather forecasting units, are automatically applied? So, the ones in charge of "remembering" those preferences are the Web Browsers who save internal files with such information and, when they identify you're accessing a website you've previously visited, automatically transmit those details. Those Browser Internal Files are the "Cookies".


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What are those "Cookies" ?

What are those "Cookies" ?

These Web Browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, MS Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.) might also record more sensible information, like forms of payment details, or even user ids and passwords. In those cases, though, the Web Browsers are required to request your approval in advance to do so.

Remember that any user can, at anytime, clean all Cookies already saved by accessing the Settings area of your Web Browser, and also the browsing History of Websites previously visited, or even decide that you don't want your Web Browser to save Cookies. Just be careful because there are Websites that might not work properly if you block them from accepting Cookies. Remember that Cookies are there to make your Web Browsing experience more fluid and agile, keeping you from having to informing again and again what are your preferences.

Now, talking about our own Website, let's be clear: the Cookies that our Website uses are only for recording user browsing preferences. We never record any user's sensible information. All data provided by users to make reservations are only transmitted to our Reservation System which follows the PCI DSS (encryption) rules and regulations to protect that kind of sensitive information.