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Welcome to our reservation page.

The process of making a reservation through our website is easy and completely safe! Just follow the steps below:

1. In the form below (OnLine Booking), enter the Check-In Date and the Checkout Date;

2. If you have received a Discount Code from the SIXTOs, enter it in the Promo Code field, otherwise, leave it empty;

3. Click on Search

A new window will open showing the different room types that are available. If you can only see one, that means the other one is not free for the requested dates.

(*) You might see a warning message - it's ok, it only means you're being forwarded from our website to our reservation system's website. You can keep going.

Click on the green button that says Añadir as many times as beds you want to reserve. Click on Reservar and complete the following form with the mandatory information. That's it, your beds are reserved with the best possible price, the same we charge for pilgrims at our door (without booking.com, expedia, etc... commissions.