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Our Albergue´s Rules

Our Albergue´s Rules

When we share the same space with other guests, we all need to follow some rules to ensure everybody´s right to rest is respected, so we can offer a clean, comfortable and safe enviroment to all. All our guests will always be treated with the ultmost kindness and respect, but they will also be called to follow our rules to the letter.


> Check-In: from 1:00pm to 10:00pm.

> Curfew: from 11:00pm until 6:00am (following morning)

As an exception, we might decide to open a little bit earlier for guests who need to leave to go to the Airport or to the Bus/Train Stations (please confirm first).

> Check-Out: 10:00am

> Cleaning: from 10:00am to 1:00pm.

No guest is allowed to remain inside the Albergue during cleaning period. That rule applies also for guests who will stay more than one night. Those should leave their belongings inside their respective lockers and stay outside during this period.


> Cost: Free

Nobody is allowed to modify any of the pre-existent Computer/Printer configuration without previously being authorized by the Albergue, including (but not limited to) its Language.


> Kitchenete: Each guest must wash (with soap) their  dishes, silverware, etc..

> Shoes/Boots: Must be left inside their respective boxes, the same number of your bed, in the Reception Area.

> Raincoats: Must be hung by the entrance door to dry out.

> Walking Sticks: Must be left at the Reception.

> BackPacks: They should never be placed over the beds to avoid transfer of BedBugs into our Albergue.

All your belongings must be placed inside the lockers offerred to you with no cost. Avoid blocking the ailes with your items spread throughout the floors.

> Usage time: as much as you need, as long there are not other guests waiting

The Computer cannot be used for Streaming Services of any type, Gaming, or any other activities that might compromise the speed of the Wi-Fi network offered for free. The Printer is available to give the guests the opportunity to print their boarding passes, reservation confirmations, etc. Do not use it to print long documents or high quantity of pages without previously communicating the Albergue Staff.

> Bathrooms: Each guest must keep them clean after using them.

It´s forbiden to use the shampoo/soap offerred for free to wash clothes or other items. We also request the guests to avoid grooming or shaving during their shower - that action usually results in drain clogging and then the bathroom getting flood. Finaly, we ask you to dry yourself inside the private area between the box and the door, avoiding causing the bathroom floor to get wet.

> Silence: from 11:00pm to 6:00am

Guests are allowed to stay in the common Living Room for the time they want, as long as they show due respect to those who have already decided to go to sleep.

> Heaters: Should not be touched, turned on or off.

Placing clothes and other items on top of the heaters blocks them from achieving their purpose of getting the place warmer and it creates a serius and real risk of fire.


The Albergue will not accept any behavior from any guest who might put in risk the safety of any other guest or the premisses. That guest whose actions create any risk will be notified and, in case of reincidence, the guest will be invited to leave the Albergue with no refund of any amounts already paid.

It is also forbiden to smoke any type of cigarrettes, cigars, electronic devices, as well as to keep/to make use of/to stay under the influence of any illegal drug. Our Albergue reserves the right to deny accepting the entrance or the stay of any guest clearly under the influence of drugs or alcohol in our premisses.

The Albergue SIXTOs no Caminho reserves to itself the right to request Police Authority intervention to help us managing any situation involving an uncooperative guest and to ensure that such person is removed from the premisses.

Finally, we only allow registered guests to stay inside our premisses and to use our services. Those persons who have not been registered through a formal Check-In process or who did not receive a previous authorization to stay will be invited to leave immediatelly.

Complementary Rules:

> PETs: We do love them, but our Albergue is not prepared to deal with them as they deserve, and also avoiding situations where other guests might feel disturbed or at risk. The only acceptable exception are guide-dogs, as long as they have proper license, documentation proving their registration as so, that they are vaccinated and everything else required by law.prove seu bom estado de saúde, treinamento e registro oficial, tudo em dia. All documentation must be updated and in order.

> Prayer Room: There is a Prayer Room available to those guests who might want to spend some time in a quier environment. Any action, from any guest, that might be considered unrespectful involving that room (which is considered by us sacred) will cause an imediate request to that guest to leave the Albergue, with no refund of any paid amount.